Panic & Carousels, Episode 33


Panic & Carousels Episode 33 – the echolalia psych-out


Loop – Arclite (House In The Woods Session (A.G.E. Demos) [A Gilded Eternity, Reactor, 2013]
Oren Ambarchi – Milk A Cow With A Monkey Wrench [Stacte Karaoke, Black Truffle, 2014]
James Place – Bible  [An Entire Matchbook A Night, Opal Tapes, 2014]
Swans – A Little God in Our Hands  [To Be Kind, Mute, 2014]
Ron Morelli – Island Bore  [Periscope Blues, Hospital Productions, 2014]
Clark – Superscope  [Superscope, Warp, 2014]
Trans Am – Night Shift  [Volume X, Thrill Jockey, 2014]
tobias. – If  [A Series of Shocks, Ostgut Ton, 2014]
Jon PorrasPleiades  [Light Divide, Thrill Jockey, 2014]
Poemss – Think of Somewhere Nice  [Poemss, Planet Mu, 2014]
David Lynch – The Big Dream (Venetian Snares Remix)  [The Big Dream, Sunday Best]
Oneohtrix Point Never – The Trouble With Being Born  [The Fall Into Time, Software recording Co. 2013]
Legowelt – Videophone to Space  [Los Alamos Motel, PPU, 2014]
Some Truths – Section 12(2)  [Some Friends I Lost To Bedlam, Others I Abandoned There, Mordant Music, 2014]
Bass Clef – Self-Perpetuating Fun Loop  [Raven Yr Own Worl, PAN,  2014]
Hardfloor – Tweakend  [The Art Of Acid, Hardfloor, 2014]
Ford Foster – Shanked In The Side  [Ford Foster & William Watts, Opal Tapes, 2014]
Owl Vision – Death Fetish  [Doomster, Comorbid Records, 2014]
KETEV – Marah  [KETEV, Opal Tapes, 2014]
Lucy – Follow The Leader   [Churches Schools And Guns, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2014]
Kangding Ray – Amber Decay  [Solens Arc, raster noton, 2014]
Not Waving – Consider Appropriate Targets  [Voices I, Not Waving,  2014]
Cathode – Torch  [before we split frequencies vol.1, bandcamp, 2014]



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