The Next Station is Opal


Bit of a niche joke there I’m afraid. Anyway, here’s the thing. Before we move on to a new episode on Friday, some more about the last one which featured tracks from these recent releases on Opal Tapes, the label run by Basic House, or Stephen Bishop to his mam and also the vocalist from Middlesborough’s fearsome Drunk in Hell to various terrified hardcore audience members. You can stream all those tapes,  here off of the bandcamp and many more on the labels page. Several of which have popped in previous episodes of Panic & Carousels

you can also read a bit more about Ketev and have a listen to a mix by him over here –KETEV Dronecast

and the big boss man hisself has put together a rather fine selection ahead of his appearance at Supersonic at the end of the month (yes we are excited) and you can check that out here too. Which is enough to keep you all quite busy isn’t it? I should say so.

music. non-stop




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