Previously on Panic & Carousels…

Out having fun last weekend? Miss the latest Panic & Carousels? Woke up in a hedge? Dear, dear. Ahead of tomorrow night’s shiny and heartstopping new show why not catch up with all the dramatic and unnecessary plot twists and curious shifting character alliances by checking out Episode 33 – here on the mixcloud, timestamped for your protection. It has apparently, somewhat mysteriously, hit number 31 on the mixcloud ‘acid’ chart. Due almost entirely to the Hardfloor track we have to reason. So, why not give it an extra play and see if we can crack the top 30. Thrilling times! Not that we’re sure quite how much of an acheivement it represents.


There are, quite frankly friends, loads of great things on this one, loads of ’em – Kickin’ off with some riff mayhem from the currently reactivated Loop and the endlessly prolific Oren Ambarchi getting his Billy Gibbons beard ‘n’ boogie on, Ron Morelli (him off of L.I.E.S.) and Clark bringing the abstract electronic, Jon ‘Barn Owl’ Porras and James Place with some lovely drones, Aaron Funk, dressed as a unicorn, reads us some Poemss then puts his Venetian Snares trousers back on to remix David Lynch, OPN and Legowelt get their dusty vintage synths a-buzzin and humming, and Ralph ‘Bass Clef/Some Truths’ Cumbers warms up the analogue acid squiggles before returning giants Hardfloor really bring it – same as they used to and still as great. If that wasn’t fun enough we then hit a ludicrous peak with an irresistably dumb bass riff monster from Owl Vision. Is it hot in here? Things calm down a bit, some great recent tracks from Ketev, Lucy and Kangding Ray, a drink too many, and ill-judged remark, we wind up mumbling with Not Waving and crying in the rain singing Soft Cell with that nice guy from Cathode. It’s all been a bit too much really…

You can also download it for podcasting/car valeting convenience and such here…

Panic & Carousels Episode 33 – The Echolalia Psych-Out

Echolalia (also known as echologia or echophrasia) is the automatic repetition of vocalizations made by another person. It is one of the echophenomena, closely related to echopraxia, the automatic repetition of movements made by another person; both are “subsets of imitative behavior” whereby sounds or actions are imitated “without explicit awareness” It may be an immediate reaction to a stimulus or may be delayed. Echolalia is one of the most salient aspects of communication disorders in autism, but is neither unique to nor synonymous with the syndrome.Echophenomena (particularly echolalia and echopraxia) were defining characteristics in the early descriptions of Tourette’s. Echolalia also occurs in aphasia, schizophrenia, dementia, catatonia, epilepsy, after cerebral infarction (stroke)closed head injury in blind children, children with language impairments, as well as certain normally developing children.

Ii is common in Transcranial Sensory Aphasia with the patient incorporating another person’s words or sentences into their own response. While these patients lack language comprehension, they are still able to read



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