Clouds Taste Satanic

clouds9ede7c75  Friends, if like us the recent announcement that the once mighty Flaming Lips are choosing to record a cover of the whole of Sgt. Peppers Boring Bastard band has brought you to the end of a long and frayed, if brightly coloured, rope then you have our heartfelt sympathies. We’ve stayed loyally on side in recent years as they’ve staggered about through a series of interesting and admirable but only occasionally truly enjoyable dalliances but the time has really come to take a stand. ‘The Terror’ wasn’t up to much but at least it was different and, sort of, moving forward but this is just acid fried demented indulgence. And not in a good way either. This is not the dicking about of doing ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ for laughs and limited release (which really should have been an ominous warning), no – this is going to be a proper full release Warner Bros. album. With Miley bloody Cyrus and, lord help us, Moby. The Dick. Who knows, maybe even Sir Paul thumbsaloft himself. So very depressing.

Anyway, good hearts take cheer! An as yet unidentified bunch of scamps have had the comedic good sense to call their new doom project Clouds Taste Satanic (after probably our favourite Lips album Clouds Taste Metallic) and their debut is up on the bandcamp for pay what you like. As the title of it’s only, four movement, track makes clear Sleep and Earth are big influences, which is a good start. No vocals either, which is also good as they’re often a bit silly and sort of superflous in extreme metal don’t you think?  Check it out here, I’ve been very much enjoying it all morning…


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