Oh My Lord!

bham_metal_co copy

Here’s some more of that filthy sludge/doom business we were all enjoying the other day. This time in sensibly sized portions with a flake and heroin swirls on top. There are vocals with this lot, but it’s ok – only minimum scary cookie monster content. Opium Lord are still a wee baby band, born of former members of Stinky Weaselteats and others but they’re off to a fine start, putting this EP together for supports with Japanese titans Boris and heading out this summer in support of the truly mighty Primitive Man. These two tracks are free to download off the bandcamp so check ’em out. There’s also a suitably dark but pretty good video for Heroin Swirls on youtube should that take your fancy and a live version of ‘Street Labs’ was on that Peter Kemp comp. that you’re still chewing through from last week. They’re playing Supersonic Festival in their hometown of Birmingham next week. We’re getting excited about Supersonic now. They’ve got tea towels and everything! A handful of tickets too if you’re quick…

opium lord supersonic


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