Episode 35 – Simply Red Stripe

Sticking with our recent run of tardiness here, somewhat belatedly, are the mixcloud streaming and download links for the last episode of our musical adventures, should you wish to enjoy them further. The first half is made up of acts from Supersonic Festival back at the start of the month (although I did leave Swans off this time because they’re always on it aren’t they?). You can read all about that in the thrilling review post below. After that we’ve got a couple of Godspeed! related projects (Hiss Tracts is David Bryant of GYBE) and A Winged Victory For The Sullen and Thisquietarmy. Post-Rock, Don’t Stop! There’s a track off of that Walls/Oram project I posted about not long ago and the always elegant Blixa Bargeld crooning beautifully on a Tommy James & The Shondells cover. Finally, If you also thought the last track was familiar, evoking vague memories of brown corduroy and angel delight but couldn’t work out why – it’s a John Denver tune from that Leyland Kirby chap (V/Vm, the caretaker, the Stranger etc.) who’s had a busy month celebrating his 40th with a free downloadable ambient album and collections/re-issues of the ‘Intrigue & Stuff’ and ‘Death Of Rave’ projects, go check out his bandcamp to listen/learn more about all that.

Meanwhile, Prince Reelfoot will be back in the booth tomorrow night at 7pm for another go on the carousel.


Panic & Carousels Episode 35 – Simply Red Stripe




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