The Hearty Company Laugh

Panic & Carousels 36 - The Hearty Company Laugh

Panic & Carousels #36 – The Hearty Company Laugh featured new (or very recent) material from The Bug, Grey Hairs, A Soft Pink TruthKemper Norton, Champion, Joseph Nanner, German Army, Detective Instinct, Godflesh, Joseph Curwen and Isobel Ccircle (sic).

It also featured the first play anywhere of the astonishing live set performed by Oren Ambarchi, Neil Campbell and Mick Flower at last year’s Tusk Festival. It’s out now on vinyl via Tusk and we’d like to thank the Tusk Crew for letting us share it with you. (TUSK Mini is in a couple of weeks and I’d be surprised if there weren’t more performances of the same calibre).

You can download Panic & Carousels 36 here or stream it here.

(for obvious reasons, the Ambarchi / Campbell / Flower set has been removed from the download because BUY IT)

The tracks played were:

  1. A Soft Pink Truth – Sadomatic Rites
  2. Ben Frost – Nolan
  3. Champion – Power Cut
  4. The Bug ft Death Grips – Fuck A Bitch
  5. Joseph Nanner – Launching In Open Sky
  6. Coil – Teenage Lightning 2005 Version
  7. German Army – Elwha
  8. Belfi + Grubbs + Pilia – Ambassador Extraordinaire
  9. Faust – The Sad Skinhead
  10. Detective Instinct Ft Dani Johnson – Chalks
  11. Grey Hairs – Jump Into The Fire
  12. Godflesh – Playing With Fire
  13. Napalm Death – To Go Off & Things
  14. The Hare & The Moon – O Death (Joseph Curwen Remix)
  15. Doomed Bird Of Providence – The Ships They Come & Go
  16. Doomed Bird Of Providence – Meeting (A Kemper Norton Remix)
  17. Isobel Ccircle – The Girl, Displaced
  18. Ambarchi / Campbell / Flower – Live At Tusk 2013



Tusk 2013 (9)

Oren Ambarchi / Neil Campbell / Mick Flower, Tusk 2013


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