Panic & Carousels Episode 37 – American Music

HICKEY GOOhere then, is the lengthy list of all that may be found therein


Panic & Carousels 37 – American Music

Negativland – Methods of Torture
[Escape from Noise, SST, 1987]
Ramones – Judy Is A Punk
[Ramones, Sire, 1976]
Culturcide – Star-Spangled Banner/Bruce
[Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America, No label, 1986]
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
[Sister, Blast First, 1987]
Hüsker Dü – Ice Cold Ice
[Warehouse Songs and Stories, Warners, 1987]
Minor Threat – Salad Days
[Complete Discography, Dischord, 1989]
Butthole Surfers – Perry
[Rembrandt Pussyhorse, Touch And Go, 1986 ]
Cheap Trick – ELO Kiddies
[Cheap Trick, Epic, 1977]
Shellac Of North America – Copper Song
[Terraform, Touch And Go, 1997]
Arcwelder – Favor
[Jacket Made In Canada, BMI, 1990]
Guided by Voices – The Unsinkable Fats Domino
[Let’s Go Eat the Factory, Fire Records, 2011]
Live Skull – Was
[Snuffer EP, What Goes On, 1988]
Oozing Wound – Aging Punk
[Split LP w/ Black Pus, Thrill Jockey, 2014]
Pain Teens – The Poured Out Blood
[Stimulation Festival, Trance Syndicate, 1992]
The Melvins – If I Had An Exorcism
[Bullhead, Boner Records, 1991]
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Change Your Mind
[Tangle, thwart Productions, 1989]
Love Cup – Tearing Water
[12″ Records, 1992]
Pissed Jeans – Romanticize Me
[Honeys, Sub Pop, 2013]
Guerilla Toss – Gay Disco
[Gay Disco, NNA Tapes, 2013]
Crash Course in Science – Cakes in the Home
[Punk 45: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young -Underground Punk in the United States of America, vol. 1]
Negativland – Yellow Black and Rectangular
[Escape from Noise, SST, 1987]
Trans Am – Failure
[Volume X, Thrill Jockey, 2014]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Americans
[R Plus Seven, Warp, 2013]
Drexciya – Intensified Magnetron
[Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller III, Clone Classic cuts, 2013]
Dan Friel – One Legged Cowboy
[Ghost Town, Important Records, 2008]
Dan Deacon – USA: I. Is A Monster
[America, Domino, 2012]
Steve Reich – Heavy Smoke (movement 5)
[Proverb – City Life, Nonesuch, 1996]
John Cage – Imaginary Landscape No. 5
[Early Electronic & Tape Music, Sub Rosa, 2014]
Sonic Youth – Six (4th Take)
[SYR 4: Goodbye 20th Century, Sonic Youth Records, 1999]
Earth – Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor
[Hibernaculum, Southern Lord, 2007]
[Master, We Perish, At A Loss recordings, 2013]
Swans – New Mind
[Children Of God, Product Inc. 1987]
Prurient – God is Truth and Light His Shadow
[Wrapped in the Flame of Illusion, Masked in the Clay of Behavior, Dais Records, 2012]
Moondog – Symphonique No. 6 (Good for Goodie)
[Moondog/Moondog 2, Columbia, 1969]
Tuxedomoon – Triumphant Procession
[Pink Narcissus, Crammed Discs, 2014]


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