Shortly, Panic & Carousels 37 – American Music receives it’s final repeat on basic.fm and it pretty much kicks into life with a tune by The Ramones. This weekend we’ve had the sad news that the last of the original line-up Tommy has passed on. More than just their drummer, he started as the manager and was supposed to be ‘the one who knew what to do’ in the early days. He played on the first three and he also co-produced the first four albums – the very best ones. When I started putting this show together and realised the first broadcast would be July the 4th, I thought I’ll go for all American artists and the first and most American band I thought of was the Ramones. Because they were perfect. That whiny guy talking about them on the show and how they started everything for him? Steve Albini.

It’s also Tommy smashing the cymbals on every chord change on ‘It’s Alive’ which is just unstoppably brilliant. here…




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