Download for Panic 37


Panic & Carousels 37 – American Music

a little tardy, but here you go folks! click the link above, the mixcloud stream is in the post below this and scroll down a couple more for the full 36 track listing (it’s in the zip file too)

Negativland just made the parts of their famous Bono upsetting ‘U2’ single available for reworking in memory of the recently deceased Casey Kasem – some of whose parts pop up on this – you can find that, and their radio show Over The Edge and more HERE go at it people there is tonnes to read and listen to over there . . .

elsewhere Go Home Productions has resurfaced and this one sort of brings together elements of the whole ‘fair use’ caper over that Negativland record and the Sonic Youth video in the previous post and the whole Ciccone obsession thing and, you know, all that type business. It’s also a pretty damn fun example of something that seems to have really run its course. . .


two heads better


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