I Lost My Finger At The East Croydon Rave

Panic & Carousels 38

Panic & Carousels #38 – I Lost My Finger At The East Croydon Rave featured new tracks from The Knife, Plaid, Bitchin’ Bajas, Kim Hiorthoy, Wolves In The Throne Room, Schizo Fun Addict, Dylan Carlson, Morton Valence, Black Pus, Death Grips, Detective Instinct and The Lowland Hundreds, a trio of songs as a tribute to the very unwell Ryuichi Sakamoto and..erm.. The Beverley Sisters.

You can stream it here or download it here

Meanwhile, here’s what was played:


  1. Beverley Sisters – We Have To Be So Careful

  2. The Knife – Silent Shout (Shaken Up Version)

  3. Caustic Window – Stomper 101mod Detunekik

  4. Cabaret Voltaire – Do The Mussolini (Headkick)

  5. You’ve Got Foetus On Your Breath – Wash It All Off

  6. Schaft – Olive (Coil Mix)

  7. Plaid – Hawkmoth

  8. Woo – Down Town Suburbia

  9. Bitchin’ Bajas – Ruby

  10. Kim Hiorthoy – The Woods

  11. Wolves In The Throne Room – Bridge Of Leaves

  12. Lumisokea – Braci

  13. King L Man – Postman In The Abyss Of Dub

  14. Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number Two

  15. Schizo Fun Addict – Theme From Suspiria

  16. Walls Oram – A Very Large Metal Box

  17. Hacker Farm – Automated Bitcoin Mining Block

  18. Dylan Carlson – Gold XXIV

  19. Morton Valence  – Old Punks (Pt 2)

  20. Black Pus – Blood Will Run

  21. Death Grips – Say Hey Kid

  22. No Balls – No

  23. Detective Instinct – The Architect Of Negative Space

  24. Ensemble Economique – Make Out In The GDR

  25. Henry Rollins ft Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Damien Echo

  26. The Lowland Hundred – Track 02

  27. Fennesz & Sakamoto – 0411

  28. Fennesz & Sakamoto – Mono

  29. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence



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