Superdrunk At Supernormal

Panic & Carousels 40

That was Panic & Carousels #40 – Dance This Mess Around. Two hours of glorious music and terrible field recordings from this month’s Supernormal Festival.

You can download the show here or stream it here

In the meantime, here’s what was played:

  1. Luminous Bodies – Stay Dead (demo)
  2. Henry Blacker – Pearlie
  3. Bass Clef – Sometimes The Only Way Out
  4. Teeth Of The Sea – Black Strategy
  5. Barberos – In The Mouth Of Madness
  6. Washing Up (field recording)
  7. Bront Industries Kapital – An Index Of Corporate Art
  8. Frank Fairfield – Kings County Breakdown
  9. The Horse Loom – Strong As A Willow
  10. Hacker Farm – Grinch
  11. Sly & The Family Drone – Grey Meat
  12. Phil Minton’s Feral Choir (field recording)
  13. Speak Galactic – Hyss
  14. Taman Shud – The Ziggurat, A Mirage
  15. Part Chimp – Hello Bastards
  16. Storm From Tent (field recording)
  17. Gnod – Man On The Wire
  18. Dark Northumbrian (field recording)
  19. The Cosmic Dead – Drone Rivers
  20. Richard Dawson – The Brisk Lad
  21. The B52s– Planet Claire


2014-08-09 11.57.15


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