perfect secrecy forever


Episode 41 arrives amid the sorry news that is to end. In the meantime we’ve got some new shows for you anyway, this being the first. Named for a track from the splendid Pye Corner Audio/Not Waving split release. There’s a considerable portion of music from Kevin Martin in his many guises on this show, ‘Cool Out’ was supposed to start the ‘Happy Summer’ show last month and somehow got forgot, so it’s there starting things off. There’s a fair amount of post rock/post-metal type business, some techno type stuff and a little cameo for Michael Gira with Pigface. All kinds of good things then. Sit back and enjoy.


Copeland – L’Oreal
King Midas Sound – Cool Out
Pale Sketcher – Wash It All Away (King Midas Sound Remix)
Ford & Lopatin – Emergency Dub (Produced By The Bug)
Ice – The Dredger
Pigface – Empathy (ft. Michael Gira)
After Osmosis – Strange Byrd
Sadness – Life would be so beautiful…
Time Attendant – Nettle Sting Riddle
Mårble – Monkey Ultravox
Not Waving – Mental Means Alone
Pye Corner Audio – Perfect Secrecy Forever
Eat Lights Become Lights – Velocet Vir Nesat
Wren – Ynis Vitrin
God – Driving The Demons Out                                                                                                                                               Further Reductions – Death to the Beat
Neil Landstrumm – Things Come Apart
Answer Code Request – Zenith
Andre Kronert – C.O.D.E.2
Sigha – Loop Two
Eomac – DF4
DJ Scud – Vip pressure
Razor X Productions – Yard Version
Curse of the Golden Vampire – End Civilization
Techno Animal – Hell
The Bug – Pandi




two heads better



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