Serein – A (FREE) Compilation


We all like a bit of free music don’t we? Here’s a bit more in the shape of a quite lovely collection of things from the Serein label. It’s got music from Hauschka, Nest (featuring Otto A Totland) and Olan Mill who’ve all popped up on Panic shows and some more things in that similar sort of vein. You might say it was autumnal. but that would probably be lazy of you. Pastoral rather than urban though certainly. The first track has owls in the title. There’s lots of beautifully restrained piano. That sort of thing. Serein is a Welsh label and takes it’s name from that fine rain that seems to fall from a cloudless sky. Like eskimos and their mythical words for snow. The Nest tracks are probably the only thing here you might call drone, and I’d say there’s maybe too much going on to call it ambient for the most part but it’s gentle, and repays attention should you have it to spare. Give it a little listen, it can’t hurt can it?





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