Panic & Carousels Episode 41

Panic & Carousels Episode 41 – Perfect Secrecy Forever

Here we are then, Episode 41 archived for your convenience, stream at the top, download for your pod thing by clicking the title here. The urge to call it Monkey Ultravox was understandably strong but Perfect Secrecy Forever has an echo of Pavement in there that won through. Or something, whatever. Tracklist below and so on and so forth. Post-Rock/arts council metal, oddball techno, some great bits of electronic tinkering and a hearty portion of Kevin Martin. Lovely.

Episode 42 will be here on Friday, same time, same place – 7pm on

Copeland – L’Oreal [Because I’m Worth It, self released, 2014]
King Midas Sound – Cool Out [Cool Out, Hyperdub, 2008]
Pale Sketcher – Wash It All Away (King Midas Sound Remix) [Seventh Heaven Ep, Ghostly International, 2011]
Ford & Lopatin – Emergency Dub (Produced By The Bug)[Emergency Room, Software Recording Company, 2011]
Ice – The Dredger [Ambient 4: Isolationism, Virgin, 1994]
Pigface – Empathy (ft. Michael Gira) [Empathy, Sub Pop, 1993]
After Osmosis – Strange Byrd [After Osmosis EP, bandcamp, 2014]
Sadness – Life would be so beautiful… [Close, bandcamp, 2014]
Time Attendant – Nettle Sting Riddle [Bloodhounds, Exotic Pylon Records, 2014]
Mårble – Monkey Ultravox [Two Women & Tiger, Sacred Phrases, 2014]
Not Waving – Mental Means Alone [Human Capabilities, Emotional Response, 2014]
Pye Corner Audio – Perfect Secrecy Forever [Intercepts, ECSTATIC, 2014]
Eat Lights Become Lights – Velocet Vir Nesat [Into Forever, The Great Pop Supplement, 2014]
Wren – Ynis Vitrin [S/T, bandcamp, 2014]
God – Driving The Demons Out [Anatomy Of Addiction, Big Cat, 1994]
Further Reductions – Death to the Beat [Woodwork, Cititrax, 2014]
Neil Landstrumm – Things Come Apart [Like A Sultan EP, RAWAX, 2014]
Answer Code Request – Zenith [Code, Ostgut Ton, 2014]
Andre Kronert – C.O.D.E.2 [Exu, Stockholm Ltd, 2014]
Sigha – Loop Two [The Purification Loops, Avian, 2014]
Eomac – DF4 [Monad XVII, Monad, 2014]
DJ Scud – Vip pressure [Mortal clash, Ambush, 2000]
Razor X Productions – Yard Version [Killing Sound, Rephlex, 2006]
Curse of the Golden Vampire – End Civilization [Mass Destruction, Ipecac, 2003]
Techno Animal – Hell [The Brotherhood Of The Bomb, Matador, 2001]
The Bug – Pandi [Angels & Devils, Ninja Tune, 2014]


kmart 1973 (large)

Kevin Martin talks to. . . John Eden at Uncarved,   Luke Turner at The Quietus and, erm, red bull (it’s a good interview honest)


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