Racist Mechanical Toys Of The Late Nineteenth Century

Panic & Carousels 42

So that was Panic & Carousels #42 – Racist Mechanical Toys Of The Late Nineteenth Century – the last regular show Hickeysonic will broadcast on Basic FM. On September 26th we’ll broadcast a three hour farewell special between 10pm and 1am. And then.. well, if you know a radio or internet station looking for a show, let us know because we’re looking for a home.

Anyway, back to business, P&C 42 featured new music from Pye Corner Audio, Dan Sartain, Grumbling Fur, King Champion Sounds, Earth, Venetian Snares, Karen Novotny, Vessel and A Winged Victory For The Sullen and lots of other wonderful stuff, including a brilliant fake Aphex Twin track and two tunes from Shackleton. Because he’s mint.

You can download it here or stream it here

  1. Tammy Faye Baker – The Devil
  2. Pye Corner Audio – Black Mist (Old Apparatus Remix)
  3. Flowdan – People Power
  4. Anonymous – My Favourite Of The Fake Aphex Twin Tracks
  5. Jeremy Deller / Melodian Steel Band – Voodoo Ray (Optimo Remix)
  6. Shackleton – Beat His Command
  7. El Mahdy Jr – Lost Bridge (Killing Sound Version)
  8. Vivien Goldman – Launderette
  9. Robert Rental – Double Heart
  10. Simply Saucer – Here Come The Cyborgs Pt 2
  11. Dan Sartain – Smash The Tesco
  12. Grumbling Fur – Neil Megson Fan Club / Secrets Of The Earth
  13. The Caretaker – Mental Caverns Without Sunshine
  14. Nissenenmondia – B2
  15. Earth – Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon
  16. Vessel – Red Sex
  17. King Champion Sounds – SM Revelation
  18. Venetian Snares – She Runs
  19. Cha Cha 2000 – Autobahn
  20. Karen Novotny – 3 Minutes Over Brussels
  21. Shackleton – Vor Und Zuruck
  22. A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number One

two heads better



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