Here’s a thing, our favourite rubber faced psych/sludge bass monsters the Evil Blizzard have a new video for us all to enjoy. Ritual set opener ‘Sacrifice’ has appeared before in a couple of versions but, if memory serves, didn’t make the cut for the album because they weren’t happy with the version they recorded. This is a new recording and should see a vinyl release in January on Rocket Recordings But they’ve got the video done already and a remarkably professional looking caper it is too. Crueler commentators than I have suggested that the abscence of the band from the clip might have something to do with that. Not the most original of ideas, we’re all the devil’s playthings and so on, but nicely done and appropriately queasy. Also, someone sensible has had a word and they’ve managed to keep/edit it down to about 5 minutes, positively brief by their live standards.Anyway, here you go…

Following a recent spate of impressive support slots with Killing Joke, The Ruts, Sleaford Mods and, erm, spiritual ancestors Hawkwind they’ll be playing their own ‘Blizzmas Ball’ in Preston on Dec 13th, tickets apparently selling fast if you fancy that, what horrors might await you there I daren’t consider.


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