It’s never too soon for a c*******s cocktail though, right?

hickeysonic_cheerleaderswatch out. we’re back once again with the pom-poms, synchronised dance moves and catchy mnemonic chants! go team! and so on! Jumping round and jumping the gun a little with the festive cheer, but you know how we feel about a cocktail or two. It’s a bunch of music. In a mix thing – listen to it! LISTEN!!

I know it’s been a little quiet around here the last month or two since wound down and despite good intentions we’ve basically taken the opportunity to slack off, work on our daytime drinking and experience some personal turbulence. That see you in 25 years thing was just excitement about Twin Peaks there wasn’t any truth in it. We’ve been raised from our torpor by this splendid upcoming bill and prodded by the good people at Capsule into a little podcast to support it – there’s tunes from almost everyone on the bill (Rainbow Grave will be making their live debut on the night) and a handful of things in the usual vein with just a light spattering of seasonal cheer. We’ve even taken the very modern and dramatic step of speaking to you in a voice we found in the interwebs.


a download for headphone commuters and a fullsome tracklist with links and such will shortly be forthcoming, as will some more about the bands, an excess of christmas artwork and home made mince pies…


two heads better


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