First Day Of Christmas Cocktail


Right then boys and girls, It’s December, it’s advent, it’s on. Have you been good this year? Fancy a mince pie? Here again for your streaming enjoyment is the recent xmas sonic capsule-cast packed with tasty treats from the soon-come Xmas Cocktail evening (which will be lighting up our winter, and our faces like beaming drunk balloons no doubt) shaken in with some festive flavourings and an appropriate mixer (not Coke! damn your eyes you peasant!) Those of you who wish to rejoice in it’s charms on the way to or from work, can now download it by clicking on the title here, above the full tracklist [with exhaustive annotation] enjoy!

A Christmas Cocktail

Gallon Drunk – Christmas
[The Rotten Mile, 2007, Fred]
The Sonics – Don’t Believe In Christmas
[Merry Christmas, 1965, Etiquette]
Palehorse – Bird Feed
[Harm Starts Here, 2014, Candlelight]
Billy Childish – A Poundland Christmas
[Christmas 1979, 2007, Damaged Goods]
Table Scraps – Foot Of Our Stairs
[7″, 2014, Hells Teeth]
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Kris Kringle Ju Ju
[Dracula Boots, 2009, In The Red Recordings]
Evil Blizzard – Nothing For Xmas
[Nothing For Xmas EP, 2014, Louder Than War]
Glatze – Cafe Vixen
[Glatze EP, 2010, bandcamp]
Ravioli Me Away – Mic Check
[split LP with Dog Chocolate, 2014, Upset! the Rhythm]
Iggy Pop – White Christmas
[Gimme Some Skin, 2014, Cleopatra]
The Lowest Form – Telepathy
[Negative Ecstasy, 2014, Iron Lung, bandcamp]
Year Of Birds – The Wax Hour
[Slack Handfuls of Nothing, 2014, Third Uncle Records, bandcamp]
Paddy Steer – ANCHIHOYE H4C
[ bandcamp]
Hordes – All the White Crosses Stood In Rows
[I, 2014, bandcamp]
Ben Frost – Secant
[A U R O R A, 2014, Mute ]
Chris Herbert – Crest
[Constants, 2014, room40]
Sly & the Family Drone – Wine into Water
[Appetite for Tax Deduction, 2013, Vacant Fulfillment, bandcamp]
Cathode – the sky at night
[before we split frequencies vol.2, 2014, bandcamp]




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