Okay so, only the second of December and it seems as though we already dropped the ball, I guess we’ll see how things play out. To clarify, while sat in comfy chairs by the fire sipping on sweet sherry, we had the charming idea of combining the advent calendar with end of year list-making madness into some kind of crazy free-form (almost) daily post situation here. Some new treats, some favourite things from the year, stuff for the xmas cocktail gig/mix and so on, maybe a couple more mixes. It’s untested. And clearly runs counter to our fundamental indolence and love of sitting still and drinking but it’s Christmas and, like your parents, we love you – so we’ll try. Check this out, this is a badly wrapped, last minute gift situation here but one of those that turns out to be great anyway. Hank Wood and The Hammerheads are a snotty Brooklyn punk band. Not something that ever used to be in short supply, I couldn’t say if the whole ‘hipster capitol of the universe’ situation has changed things. Perhaps they ride penny farthings to the skate park now. I’d honestly not heard of these guys before, but the fine Milque & Muhle people are putting them on shortly (see flyer at the bottom) so I went and checked out their new record (under the photo up there). ‘Stay home’ is the follow up to their debut ‘Go home’ and in the band name and record titles you can already see some unique personality is animating things. So, it’s scorching hardcore-garage-surf-punk mayhem done well, with wit and brains and passion. They whip through 10 songs in just over 20 mins and they cover a lot of musical ground in that time, it’s fast and fierce but head and shoulders above cliché, turgid thrash. Give it a listen and you can even download it on pay what you like too – how’s that for a little christmas cheer?



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