Make A Joyful Noise

Sly & The Family Drone bring the noise

well now, here’s a big ol’ bundle of joy in the advent calendar for the fourth day of December. Despite the smorgasbord of thrills on offer there the band I’m probably most looking forward to seeing at the upcoming… Supersonic + Milque & Muhle Xmas Cocktail!  and the one perhaps worst served by their appearance on our accompanying xmas sonic mix are ecstatic noise mongers Sly & The Family Drone. There’s that pic up top again of them completely taking Supersonic by storm in the spring (and Matt battling a serious ‘wardrobe malfunction’ issue). A hard sell on paper, they’re a must see live experience. They have, an admittedly brilliant, pun for a name. I love a good pun but they do arouse suspicion. balloooon copySimilarly the wonderful ‘Masters Of Real-Ale-ity Sabbath shirts. Don’t fret, they just have a sense of humour – they’re not wacky or anything. As the picture shows, Matt generally ends up stripping down to his pants and climbing on things, yelling and hitting stuff with drumsticks, or abusing an effects pedal. I was thinking of suggesting we all took him some pants along and threw them at him, making him the underground Tom Jones or something but recent live shots suggest Santa has come early to the Family Drone with a pack of nice new boxers. Here’s a most recent studio based effort from them, ‘Mummers’ which is more sedate than the live incarnation and features tape mangling and so on…

ballooooonThey’re a noise band who improvise live too, which puts people off. But not a confrontational angry noise band, the opposite in fact. A unifying joyous thing it’s more of an ecstatic frenzy that draws the whole crowd in, quite literally as they pass out the pieces of drum kit and spray everyone in beer. The only thing I can really think to compare them to is Crash Worship – a reference that has limited currency I suspect. In a recent tweet, they used the description Funn O))) which is not only funny, but also pretty accurate too.

In the happy news this week it was announced that, despite rumours, SUPERNORMAL 2015 will now definitely be happening. We, and I’m sure Sly too, are very pleased to hear it – here they are at this year’s SUPERNORMAL doing their thing, bashing the hell out of it in the middle of a field…

listen here to the album ‘unneccesary woe’



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