Dickering About


Right then, heading up the bill this coming Saturday are these chaps Palehorse. Captured here in relaxed mood on a backstage tea break. Or something. As I said on the podcast, they don’t take their rock mythology entirely seriously, “Don’t Come Knockin’ When I’m Listening To Dokken” is a favoured title that demonstrates the attitude. Like Sly & The Family Drone, they have a sense of humour about themselves and what they do but they still make a fearsome racket once they start. A two bass sludge beast with all manner of influences stirred into the pot, you can listen there to three of the tracks from ‘Harm Starts Here’ their most recent album. Sadly, none of the longer tracks which I think are the more interesting ones but most of their older stuff is on their bandcamp there too

The Viking helmeted chap in the photo is Mark Dicker and when not palehorsing he also makes experimental electronic/drone/field recording type cassette things. Originally as Twilit Grotto but now under his own name as apparently everyone thought it was Toilet Grotto, which lacked the requisite degree of mystery. Here’s one bunch of them from earlier in the year that I like a lot, Talk Of The University. There’s a new one appeared last month called ‘Livestock’ which seems to be more straightforwardly confrontational noise/drones as well if that’s more your thing.

8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Geoff, and Hell followed with him.



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