Prince Reelfoot Crosses Some ‘I’s & Dots Some ‘T’s & Wonders If He Should Drink Less


Prince Reelfoot here, painfully aware that his DJ life partner Thee Monkey’s Claw has been doing all the heavy lifting round these parts for some months now, especially in the build-up to Christmas. Blame my lack of activity on personal strife, rum and the Twin Peaks Boxed Set.

Anyway, some odds and ends for you.

The estimable Narc Magazine has a shiny new online presence and in an attempt to stem my efforts to turn the magazine into The Wire, they’ve given me a column all of my own to cover the kind of Hickeysonic-friendly stuff that perhaps isn’t a good fit for the magazine itself.

November’s column is here, and featured IX Tab, Hacker Farm, Kemper Norton, Richard Dawson, Fugazi, Crass In Africa, Blown Out, The Art Of Burning Water, Richard Dawson, Loscil, Lviv and Rhodri Davies.


December’s column was a more modest proposal but featured Richard Dawson, Kemper Norton,. Evil BlizzardHey Colossus, Karen Gwyer, Nazoranai as well as my P&C friendly end of year chart (my other chart, including all the miserable country and mediocre indie-pop, can be found here) and a Mixcloud selection of some of the best tunes of 2014.


I also spoke to the absolutely bloody lovely Rhodri Davies about his new album, boxed set and launch party. You can read it here.

There’s also a bunch of Narc reviews from the last few issues I’ll post at some point.

Thanks again to Lisa Meyer and the Supersonic crew for letting Hickeysonic play at their amazing Christmas party, which saw me fall face first into a snare drum during another joyous performance by Sly & The Family Drone.

The evening started like this


and ended,  many many hours later, like this


Anyway, that’s enough for now.

Have a good new year, buy rekkids, listen to noise, get excited about the new Hey Colossus album and don’t let the fuckers grind you down.


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