happy 2015 sisters and brothers

okay. So it’s about time we kicked off the new year around here, all the port and sherry and curious cheeses have been consumed. We never did really round up that last one there at all did we? December kind of collapsed in a haze after the Supersonic Xmas Cocktail. (It was amazing, we saw everyone except Hordes, it was all good, especially Palehorse, we were very, very drunked) Their photos of that are here. and in one of them you can see my raised arm attempting to take a photo of The Lowest Form. Might as well have left the camera in my pocket judging by the result. I also took hundreds of blurry pics of Paddy Steer as well. the ones on their site are good though. Santa and the Family Drone etc.

Maybe there’ll be a bit of that yearly round up stuff shortly, or maybe we should just blunder on charmingly into the new. Here’s a thing we’re excited about for 2015, Hey Colossus have a new album, In Black And Gold coming and a tour to support it. Prince Reelfoot has used his royal influence/influenza to hear the whole thing already and has only the highest praise. There’s a track which sounds like Can vs the Pop Group, and elsewhere the delicate scent of Butthole Surfers, Birthday Party and Spacemen 3. Which would probably cover most of their output to be honest with you. A Hey Colossus record then. Only more so than before. A video for first track to appear ‘Sisters and Brothers’ is at the top, or here’s the bandcamp of it if you prefer where you can also pre-order the album if you’re like, dead, dead keen.

Black and Gold


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