The World Is On Fire But We Still Dance Like Twats


Very much enjoying the title of this absolute belter from Mr. Drvg Cvltvre here, last track on the middle volume of his 3 E.P. run of ‘Sludge Houz’ releases from the end of last year…


I must say I’d not paid him much mind (and regrettably have to admit it was probably down to those v’s replacing the u’s in the name, “I mean honestly – young people these days!” etc) until he kicked off the Perctrax 10 years comp Slowly Exploding with the also splendidly titled and banging ‘(I Don’t Wanna Die) In James Franco’s House’. I liked his ‘Night Time Is The Right Time’ from last year too and a little investigation reveals him to be a prolific, varied and pretty interesting producer. (New ‘Telepathic Warfare’ E.P. out already…) Here’s the first Sludge Houz E.P. for good measure. Third one isn’t on his soundcloud page but there’s a whole heap of other stuff to keep you busy, including a few downloadable mixes, and a there’s fair amount on bandcamp too including stuff under his other/earlier alias RA-X and this amazing cover art. Although sadly, it’s not his best music with it.


that ought to keep you busy for a bit – it’s ok there’s not going to be a test.


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