Death To False Samplers!!! (2014 Relapse)


Hey kids! Wanna kick off 2015 with a whole bunch of appallling noise that frightens the pets and/or neighbours? Then look no further. Relapse records, an absolute titan among extreme metal labels is 25 this year. Twenty five years! Holy smokes Batman old boy, that’s a quite considerable amount of riffs, blast beats and throat shredding screams. Anyways, here’s a sampler thing they put together late last year of all their releases in 2014 and some previews of forthcoming stuff. It has this striking cover image, I believe ‘way cool’ is what you youngsters might say, and as if that wasn’t enough (it is, it really is) there’s 26 surprisingly varied tracks of entertaining racket, rage, shame and curdling hatred to tuck into including a lengthy contribution from our favourites Primitive Man. All for free download – tuck in.


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