Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers


So as I keep mithering on, we never really did come up with a year end best of round up contentious yawn fest list-eria type thing here did we? Ultimately for the best all round in my opinion but there have been some complaints. Ruffled feathers. Twitched nets if you will. Apparently it represents ‘a failure to uphold the high standards of the music blogging commmunity’ or some such thing. Tish and pish. In an attempt to appease, here is my favourite album artwork of last year. Look at that. Look at it! It’s magnificent. What a wonderful image, loved it the minute I saw it, the stone head’s unknowable expression, the way it’s looking in not out, the grid of the city beyond the veil, the ancient hand made roughness of the carving against the flimsy netting. The timelessness of it, there’s nothing to date or place the picture, could be any major city in the last eighty or so years. As my inner voice is going a bit Brian Sewell on me, I’ll stop. Here’s Stott himself on it…

we tried to find an image that says something towards what the music is saying, so the image has got to fit. The statue, when you first see it, it’s really odd. It’s so striking because it’s so sharp in the image. And the background’s familiar. It’s like a hotel room in like the ’40s or ’50s? So the setting’s really familiar but it’s just the odd striking thing that’s in the middle, and I think that represents the album. I think the style, it’s a bit pop. The setting’s familiar, but once you get in there, there’s something unsettling and something quite wrong about it.

from an interview for spin.

The record itself is no slouch either, up there near to the very top of any list of 2014’s best if I had the inclination to compile such a thing. Stott’s been on something of a hot streak in recent years you might be aware, 2014 also saw the release of the excellent ‘Drop the Vowels’ from his Millie and Andrea project (with Miles Whitaker off of out of Demdike Stare) and this latest album continues a dizzying upwards trend besting even 2012’s remarkable ‘Luxury Problems’. So, yeah, I’ll shut up about it – have a listen and stare into those unknowing, heavy lidded eyes

should you wish, you can read a little more at it’s page on Modern Love


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