Nun more black


Another of our favourite records from last year was The Body’s ‘I Shall Die Here’ an unlikely sounding but incredible collaboration with The Haxan Cloak. Mr Cloak has took his electronic atmosphere voodoo off to work on the new Bjork record (that recently got leaked/rush released causing all kinds of panic) and from what I’ve heard of it sounds good too. Meanwhile The Body began a more staightforward collaboration with Louisiana Doom/Sludge/hardcore D.I.Y. team Thou. “You Whom I Have Always Hated” arrives this week as a vinyl E.P. and a full length CD version combining it with the previous E.P. “Released From Love”. It’s massive and monstrous stuff, features a NIN cover that’s been making all the press runnning that you can stream above, but which isn’t as great as their version of Vic Chesnutt’s ‘Coward’ which, in terms of the choice of material, plays to both band’s strengths and interests where the other maybe plays to the gallery just a bit. Or not. Maybe it’s just a better fit for broadening their audience and that’s why the label and everyone’s running with it. Thou also have something of a reputation for covers, particularly Nirvana ones it turns out.

MI0003733330Everybody involved has been at pains to point out that these are not split releases but a full on collaboration and while it doesn’t sound radically different to what you might expect it does seem largely to work as a single entity rather than two bands in the same room. Given that it has been made as two seperate E.P’s it also seems to sit together well as a whole. Possibly further listening will reveal the cracks and the strikingly obvious joins in the pattern but I’m not about to go a-hunting for them just now – it sounds fantastic.

I’d be lying if I said I’d paid much attention to Thou before they teamed up with The Body for this though, terrible arts-council-metal dilettante that I am. I was vaguely aware of last years’ ‘Heathen’ and that it had got largely positive reviews but I’d not investigated it any further until fairly recently. Seems a bit of an oversight now, perhaps you’ve made the same mistake yourselves? Happily, if that’s the word, for slackers like us Thou have the majority of their fairly extensive output up on bandcamp to stream and on a pay what you like basis, so you can download it for free if you fancy too. ‘Heathen’ is huge and sprawling, varied and intense. Less experimental than The Body but still bringing in different elements from all over the place. If this types of thing is your cup of deep, dark, caffeinated poison you should definitely give it a listen…


Thou’s singer, the superbly named Bryan Funck now co-runs a record store in New Orleans called Sisters in Christ (what is it with the Nuns Bryan?) and the local scene site which is frustrating to navigate and largely irrelevant if you’re not in Louisiana but has more info on Thou if you want it…




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