wyatt hawk


So, here’s another one of them half arsed posts that’s been sitting around the place half done for too damn long and is about to get scrunched up and dumped all because I spilt tea over it. Well, seems like a terrible waste if you ask me – does this look like the type of guy to put up with that types of shit? No. No he does not. Luke ‘Torn Hawk’ Wyatt looks like a conflicted hunk off of an 80’s daytime soap, he drives a moderately flash car, worries too much about his hair and he gets things done. Actually he reminds me of Ben off Sunset Beach who ended up having an identical, but evil, twin. Which is perfect in a way. Torn Hawk made a couple of great albums last year (one at each end) and he’s also worked with the wonderful Karen Gwyer. The second of these possessed possibly our very favourite album title of 2014 in “Let’s Cry And Do Push Ups At The Same Time” which neatly encapsulates that whole tender but tough manly thing that seems to be playing out in his work. Anyway the cause of all this excitement is a mix Torn Hawk has done for FACT a week or two back (it’s at the bottom there). It’s good and you should listen to it, that’s the gist. Maybe download it to your phone and listen on your commute or some terribly modern thing of the sort. Having previously expressed a curious affection for Dire Straits and Don Henley we can all breathe easy as it’s not a selection of tunes but a bunch of unused bits and bobs of his own recordings fashioned into an hour long collage kind of deal. Like his ‘video mulch’ stuff but with music. I guess you could say that anyway about his stuff but this abandons even the cursory nods to structure on his records and, while they are clearly complementary and related I don’t think it is neccessary to see them as one thing. Here’s possibly the point where they are most entangled –“Born to Win (Life After Ghostbusters)”. I love the way it seems so 80’s and yet doesn’t really play on it as a nostalgia thing or specific signifier – it’s just there, the stuff he starts with.  and here’s one that’s less so off of that last album. I like this guy, he’s a charming mo’fo – not sure we can truss him tho’ right?




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