yellow elephants

here’s something lovely and gentle for a sunday morning for you. a video clip for Jasmine Guffond’s ‘Elephant’ from her new album ‘Yellow Bell’ on Sonic Pieces. It’s a beautiful thing, unfolding gently like the music in soft tones of black and white. This is her first release under her own name, having previously gone by the wonderful nom de guerre Jasmina Maschina. On her bandcamp the tags read ‘devotional ambient dronefolk’ which is a pretty good summary as these things go. Lovely warm synth drones and glitches mix with field recordings and occasional vocals vaguely reminiscent of Liz ‘Grouper’ Harris. It’s tremendously tasteful and well executed but without being bland. Yellow Bell is a translation of the chinese myth of the primal sound, the root sound that is constant but changes, Huang Chung or, more phonetically, Wang Chung – but shake that unwelcome flashback from your mind and sink into this instead. tea is optional but advised. I mean what kind of freak doesn’t like tea?

 soundcloud       bandcamp       chinese yellow bells



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