weaving with Jo Johnson

I’m pretty sure this came up somewhere somehow in conversation last weekend, all something of a blur to be honest but I expect it had to do with Karen Gwyer following Hey Colossus at Golden Cabinet. It’s not important that you know this, it may even be a distraction, but Jo Johnson used to play guitar in Huggy Bear. This though is some gorgeous synth minimalism ambient type of goodness perfect for some gentle sunday listening. Her solo debut, it came out at the end of last year. The central track ‘Words Came After Music’ takes it title from an anthropological theory that music predates language in humans, so I’ll not say much except that the cover artwork’s simplicity, clean lines and lovely saturated colours do a strikingly good job of portraying the music within, you should be able to listen to it by clicking on the image at the top, have a cup of tea? maybe a tea cup of something stronger, and a stare out the window, sail sweetly away with it…



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