Call Me Marreck


“Inspired by a lethal cocktail of Drexciya, Swans, Jung, and Moby Dick”

What can you add to that? It’s a neat and near perfect summary. Marreck is the same chap as Rejections, and runs the Reject and Fade label – no slacker. Unlike us here, this has been out a while and the physical copies are sold out, but you can stream it/buy the digital/ hear it. It might get re-pressed who knows but hear it, lose yourself in it – that’s the main thing. Really, it’s worth your time even if you only hear it the once. Put your headphones on and sink down into it. You might not need an object to accompany that, it isn’t weightless but it floats. Cetology is the study of whales. I know, it was it on the tip of your tongue. So there’s your Moby Dick, and your Drexiya too – the journey of the deep sea dweller. As aquatically obsessed as Drexiya were this doesn’t really sound as cheap synth electro as that, there’s an extraordinary knack for conjuring the churning deep through sound here. Not just the ocean but man’s engagement with it, the straining metal and thudding engines of the ship. Some sense of sonar but no blip. It’s not (forgive the pun) on the surface, not sign posted or clumsy but it really is evocative. There’s no actual wave or whale sounds, or even samples as best I can tell and no attempts at plain mimickry either but there’s the tremendous pressure of being dragged into the deep, waves of sound stand in for waves of water. Maybe here’s your Swans and your Jung, the force and power of sound itself, the half seen/half known symbols of a collective unconcious. The whole thing sounds submerged. It is dense and intense, you are plunged in from the very beginning, this is nothing tidal, meditative or serene. It really is a strikingly brilliant piece of work and you should make time to give it your attention.




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