don’t bang the drum


so yeah, you’d kind of expect a Techno DJ who took his name from Marcel Duchamp’s drag alter ego was going to be a little more rarified and cerebral than your standard wouldn’t you? The intriguing and often beautiful music Rrose has put out on Downwards and elsewhere has more than lived up to that assumption, and obviously the cross dressing helps too. Still, two extended readings of James Tenney‘s ‘Never Having Written A Note For Percussion’ is pushing the boat some. Tenney was a minimalist composer associated with Fluxus. He was influenced by John Cage, an early member of The Philip Glass Ensemble and dated performance artist Carole Schneeman. Out there on the cutting edge in his time then. He also made computer driven percussion pieces of the sort Aphex Twin is now exploring, but 40 years ago. ‘Never Having Written A Note For Percussion’ is one of his postal pieces in which instructions were sent out on postcards to various musicians. It basically involves playing a gong or drum from as quietly as possible through to a crescendo and back down again in arch form. Possibly this open ended simplicity and complete focus on the actual performance are what have given it such longevity. Sonic Youth are among those who have recorded it in recent years. Rrose’s readings on this new release are almost double it’s usual length, one studio and one live side emphasising just how much of the focus is in the setting and performance of the piece each time. Anyway, enough blah. listen. It’s Sunday, soak up some culture you peasants.




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