hymns of memory


So, slightly belatedly, here’s the most recent mix/podcast/whatchamacallitnow which discreetly appeared on the interwebs on easter sunday – it’s a gentle affair. Lots of warm synth washes and lovely drones, featuring some of the stuff I’ve been posting on sundays to ease our aching heads and other tunes in like mood. I was sorely tempted to pinch the title of Kevin Drumm’s ‘2014 – Everything’s Going Along As Usual And Then All Shit Breaks Loose’. However, evocative as it is, sobriety won through choosing instead the title of the opening track from Áine O’Dwyer and taken from herMusic for Church Cleaners’. A remarkable recording of improvised pieces played on a church pipe organ during the hours the church was being cleaned. This nod to the easter sunday arrival of the mix continues into always busy Nurse With Wound associate Andrew Liles’ version of ‘Morning Has Broken’ from his recent ‘Cover Girls’, being an aptly named collection of covers with female vocalists. Impressed as we are by Supersonic’s booking of Holly Herndon and Gazelle Twin as headliners in a year of generally pitiful line ups and this illuminating controversy over Reading, I idly thought there’d be a lot more female artists on this. They’re fairly represented here but still make up less than half of the list. Anyway, ‘Morning…’ is the clearest vocal on the whole thing, it twists and breaks into Jo Johnson’s ‘Words Came After Music’ (another good title I should maybe have borrowed) those occasional appearances of the human voice thereafter following the advice in the title and away we float, gently downstream and so on. click the title here to download it if you wish…

hymns of memory

Áine O’Dwyer – Hymn of Memory  [Music for Church Cleaners vol I & II]
Andrew Liles – Morning Has Broken  [Cover Girls]
Jo Johnson – Words Came After Music  [Weaving]
Steve Moore – Val Sans Retuor  [Other Voices 04]
Errors – Early Nights  [Lease of Life]
Ondness – Rod Serling’s Predator  [Them Corja]
Monolake – Inwards  [X I E]
Samantha Glass – Creator’s Balance  [Surface Water Perception]
Morkebla – Dungeon Rave  [Meet Me in a Decompression Chamber]
Karen Gwyer – Infernal Selection Enceinte Version  [I’ve Been You Twice]
James Place – Simmered and Brewed  [Living On Superstition]
Jasmine Guffond – Useful Knowledge  [Yellow Bell]
Oren Ambarchi – Quixotism Part 2  [Quixotism]
Kevin Drumm – Social Interaction
[2014 Everything’s Going along as Usual and Then All Shit Breaks Loose.]
loscil – Luna  [for Greta]
Steinbrüchel – 06  [Parallel Landscapes]
Internazionale – A Lament Of What Was Lost  [Elegy For The Victors]
Sean McCann – Vacant Passage  [Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings]
Áine O’Dwyer – We Plough the Fields and Scatter  [Music for Church Cleaners vol I & II]




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