Hey, Hey, Hey Colossus

You may be aware already of how much we love Hey Colossus around here, I’m sure I remarked earlier in the year that they were ‘on a roll’. This now seems like an embarrassingly casual understatement. Not content with making one of our favourite albums of the first half of the year, keeping up an impressively steady touring schedule and putting out a second album by Joe and Tim’s other band Henry Blacker, they’ve already recorded a follow up for release in the autumn AND found time to squeeze in a couple of split singles too. I’m worn out just typing it. Worn out and excited. Maybe hungry. Anyways here’s all three new tunes to hit the interwebs lately for your mouse clickin’ convenience. Next album ‘Radio Static High’ comes out on Rocket in what seems to be ages (October). ‘Hop The Rails’ is the first track up for consideration and continues where ‘Black & Gold’ left off having the sort of relentless, tight wound groove that seemed to fade away too soon at the end of the title track.

Next on the album ‘Numbered Out’ is the tune they were opening sets with earlier in the year, it’s short, sharp and brilliant and a different version of it shares a 7″ with White Manna who are in similar if slightly more familiar psych rock vein on ‘Sandozn’, good tune. Lastly there’s also a 12″ split with Hotel Wrecking City Traders on which they stretch out over a full 10 mins in what could become increasingly rare style,  guitarist Jonathan Richards commenting about the new album “After 12 years functioning in a Noiserock/Doom/Kraut/whatever scene of sorts and being aware of unwanted repetition, we feel it is more subversive for us to compose songs with rigid song structures than it is to absentmindedly clang off another riff-athon.” On the other hand ‘Cortez the Killer’ is also invoked as an influence so who knows. ‘Heaven Blows’ hardly counts as a riff-athon in any case, it’s a beatless, shifting, noise drone thing that does indeed seem to be blowing around, charged with odd radio signals, spirit birds and freak weather. The Hotel Wrecking City Traders side is twice as long and may be twice as good. Don’t quote me on that though, 20+ minutes is a long time to hold my concentration and it may not withstand further scrutiny but it starts strong, kicks back in like crazy about 2/3 in and is called, magnificently, ‘Droned and Disowned’. Sometimes a title is almost all you need. The record comes in a spectacular selection of stupidly coloured vinyl, there’s only 216 being pressed and they come all the way from Australia so you’d need to be proper keen like if you need to hold the precious object rather than a download.

Hc heyColossus_CBlueHeyColossus_B+GHey ColossusHey Colossus


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