Reelfoot Checking In


So my shadowy simian colleague has been holding the fort here while I’ve been working, dicking about, writing elsewhere and drinking like a bastard. I’ll probably add some thoughts to his Supersonic write-up (all the bands I saw while he was still in his cave), and I’ll hopefully add some thoughts about Bradford Threadfest, Supernormal and last weekend’s marvellous Tor Ist Das? too.

As I mentioned back in November, Narc Magazine are letting me write a very occasional column about Hickeysonic-style releases for their website. There’s been four more since then, some of which were accompanied with a mix that covered the releases included.

December 2014 – including Evil Blizzard, Kemper Norton, Nazoranai, Hey Colossus and Richard Dawson and this mix.

It also had my top 25 Hickey-friendly releases of 2014, which were

1       The Bug – Angels & Devils
2       Richard Dawson – Nothing Important
3       King Champion Sounds – Songs From The Golden Hour
4       Swans – To Be Kind
5       Mogwai – Rave Tapes
6       Sleaford Mods – Divide And Exit
7       Kogumaza – Kолокол
8       Shellac  – Dude Incredible
9       IX Tab – R.O.C.
10     Aphex Twin – Syro
11     Carla Bozulich – Boy
12     Grouper – Ruins
13     Resource Centre – Low Fantasy EP
14     Scott Walker & Sunn O)))  – Soused
15     Grumbling Fur – Preternaturals
16     Kemper Norton – Loor
17     OOIOO – Gamel
18     Ambarchi/O’Malley/Dunn – Shade Themes From Kairos
19     Earthling Society – England Have My Bones
20     Soft Pink Truth – Why Do The Heathen Rage
21     Year Of Birds – Slack Handfuls Of Nothing
22     Ben Frost – A U R O R A
23     Sly & The Family Drone – Uneccesary Woe
24     Blown Out – Drifting Way Out Between Suns
25     Earth – Primitive & Deadly

March 2015 – this one had IX Tab, Foot Hair, Blown Out, 11 Paranoias, Nissenenmondai, Pelican, Shit & Shine and Portia Winters. No mix though.


April 2015 – this was a beast. Some massive overexcitement about Godspeed You! Black Emperor, plus Henry Blacker, Grey Hairs, Gnod, Enablers and some other bits and pieces. And a proper mix here.


And then this month‘s – some big love for the XPylon charity album plus Tor Ist Das?, Band Of Holy Joy, Boredoms, God Unknown Singles Club, Goat, Envy and Hills. And a big ole mix.



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