Friday! Night! Food! Fight!

this thing here didn’t turn out quite like it was expected to – lot of thoughts went in about this and that and what it might be and mostly they got left behind in my other jacket but there’s stuff that’s been on the blog, stuff that’s new, or from people who have new things imminent, a few acts from Liverpool Psych fest (that we didn’t get to go to) and generally a whole hour and a bit of top tunes for fun times with –
Holly Herndon, Girl Band, Hey Colossus, Karen Gwyer, Jane Weaver, Gazelle Twin, Wire, The Pop Group, Metz, Le Butcherettes and so on. . .

with luck, another one next Friday too…

we’ll see

here’s yer tracklisting

Belong  –  October Language  [October Language]
Modified Toy Orchestra –  Birds began to sing    [Unclaimed EP]
Andrew Liles  –  Marian Unfaithful  [First Monster Last Monster Always Monster]
Holly Herndon  –  Morning Sun  [Platform]
Wire  –  Swallow  [Wire]
Dan Deacon  –  Meme Generator  [Gliss Riffer]
Gazelle Twin  –  Exorcise  [Unflesh]
Dan Friel  –  Valedictorian  [Valedictorian/Exoskeleton]
Girl Band  –  Pears For Lunch  [Holding Hands With Jamie]
Le Butcherettes (ft. Iggy Pop)  –  La Uva  [A Raw Youth]
METZ  –  Acetate  [II]
The Pop Group  –  She Is Beyond Good and Evil   [Cabinet of Curiosities]
Hey Colossus  –  Hesitation Time   [Radio Static High]
Jane Weaver  –  Argent   [The Silver Globe]
Karen Gwyer  –  Keisa Kizzy Kinte   [Bouloman]
Noveller –  Rubicon   [Fantastic Planet]


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