Night Of Your Ascension

Thanksgiving looks a less than jovial affair round at David Yow’s I must say. Following the demise of The Jesus Lizard some years ago things were pretty quiet there for a time and rumours and insinuations slowly reached our ears that Yow had sadly done himself all sorts of permanent physical and mental damage due to his ‘committed performance’ shall we say and was a now a battered shell. The magic of the new information superhighway soon dragged him out into the light and a bunch of little interviews here and there proved him to be a seemingly reasonable and erudite chap in fair health and not so much the sinister madman of his stage persona.

Anyway, here he is channelling some of that sinister into a peculiar little video for about a tenth of side one of the new, huge and impressive and, well, too much to take in yet, Wreckmeister Harmonies record.

tuck in.




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