Black Friday – Brutal Bus Stop Playground

XVjrYuf copy

Well, seeing as it’s black friday, and we’re happy obedient little consumers, we got down the record shop and blinded this innocent statue of Dorothy in our terrifying and unnatural lust to get our hands on this pile of belting tunes. You can now save yourself the considerable trouble and expense (and possible violent injury) stay home and check this out for free – The Fall, Hey Colossus, Mogwai, Blanck Mass, Kogumaza, Perc, Evil Blizzard, Teeth Of The Sea… the gang’s all here! It’s like one of them 80’s Woolworths TV ads only with noisy buggers instead of light entertainers.
heavy entertainment – HOT HITS 2015!!! 
well, not exactly, and not a christmas mix either (it’s *99% christmas free* although it’ll surely come in handy for trimming the tree on tuesday night). Maybe ask santa for some of yr favourites here. The late great Philthy Animal kicks open the advent calendar doors on the intro and there’s  a couple of 30 yr old re-issues/re-recordings before we get stuck in to a hearty feast of new and new-ish tunes from this year. Fun for all the family.

brutal bus stop playground

‘overkill’ intro
Early Mammal – Magic, Art & Bells [Take A Lover, Riot Season] 
The Jesus And Mary Chain –  Never Understand [Psychocandy – Barrowlands Live]
The Three Johns –  Death of The European [The World By Storm]
Sleaford Mods –  In Quiet Streets [Key Markets]
The Fall – Auto Chip 2014-2016 [Sub-Lingual Tablet]
Hey Colossus – Hesitation Time [Radio Static High, Rocket]
Kogumaza – Amazomes [God Unknown Records Singles Club Vol 1] 
Evil Blizzard – Laughing Gas [Everybody Come to Church, Louder Than War]
Teeth of the Sea –  Field Punishment [Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, Rocket]
Locrian – The Future of Death [Infinite Dissolution]
Mogwai – Re-Remurdered (Blanck Mass Remix) [Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1.]
Blanck Mass –  Cruel Sport [Dumb Flesh,]
Millie & Andrea – Quay [Drop The Vowels]
Oneohtrix Point Never – Mutant Standard [Garden of Delete] 
Squarepusher – Stor Eiglass [Damogen Furies]
Black Rain & Shapednoise –  Metal Home [Apophis]
Kerridge – Sonic Instruments Of War #01 [Sonic Instruments Of War]
Perc – Gob [Gob] 
Ansome – Garrison [The White Horse]
Headless Horseman – Raven [Headless Horseman 007]
Anthony Child – Midnight Rain [Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 1] 
Ensemble Economique – From the Train Window, Red Flowers on the Mountain [Blossoms in Red]


two heads better


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