A Gift That Keeps On Giving…


OK then festive pop pickers and chuckle fans, clearly that last post about Sir Cliff making a black metal album for christmas was a joke – how we all laughed! But I’m afraid this, while only slightly less silly, is not. That isn’t Bruce Campbell in the pic there spoofing Danzig, oh no, it’s the man himself. Oh Glenn, will you ever stop making us laugh? Danzig’s new album (not a christmas album, just out in time for christmas) is a karaoke set of covers in which our dimuitive, semi clad hero bellows his way through a selection of his own favourites. Obviously this is going to be great, actual songs that we you all know and, um, ‘love’ coupled with the unique and powerful instrument that is Danzig’s voice. On the more obvious end of the spectrum there’s a grim take on Sabbath’s ‘N.I.B.’ that makes you appreciate anew Ozzy’s voice, there’s some Aerosmith, ZZ Top, a lil’ bit of Elvis of course and then there’s this. A shocking take on The Everly Brothers’ ‘Crying In the Rain’ that is every tiny bit as awful as you imagine – you have been warned.




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