Captive in Babylon


wow. We’ve been quiet all week or more here. Not sure how that happened, here’s a thing anyway. ‘Captive In Babylon’ sounds like a critique of the season although I doubt that was in the intention more a serendipitous inference. This popped up on a year end bandcamp round-up you may have seen elsewhere. Caught my attention immediately as the cover image and the one for our own recent mix both feature some nice ocular haemorrhaging statuettes, which is pretty christmassy in its own curious way if you ask me. Also, can’t resist a great/terrible punning name Periodic Table Tennis – marvellous! and rubbish. So here we are and you can just go ahead and listen to a bit if you fancy, it’s exactly the sort of washed out experimental electronic business with occasional beats and field recordings that I like. I’m not making any grand claims for year end glory for it myself, it’s too low key for that type of nonsense but it’s very much worth a listen if you love a bit of formless woozy burbling – I expect it’ll go well with too much cake and liquor in a too warm room as you fight to stay awake…


XVjrYuf copy


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