both hard and soft

It’s just a little late for November I know but if you’re in the mood for some cold wintry ambient music as an antidote to the overly hot oxygen depleted festive mood, then this lovely record would probably fit the bill. Pleasing and ever shifting, full of crackles and rain, it’s beautiful without being cloyingly pretty if you take my meaning. Rewards your attention or burbles gently in the background as ambient should, if you want a lazy comparison imagine a burial record with all the wooden percussion and twisted vocals stripped away just leaving that feel of fog and night in the city, add some piano to it. Here’s what the label Local Action Records have to say about their last release of the year…

Talbot Fade’s music deals with “memories of places, people and things, and how the brain twists, fogs and sullies them through experiences, time and intoxication. November has always felt like the turning point, as the cold and darkness of winter properly kicks in.” On November Versions, a collection of new Talbot material and reworkings of music by the Daybreak collective that Talbot is affiliated with (Rimplton, Yamaneko, Boardgame James, Loon), he attempts to evoke that transition through half-familiar melodic phrases, smeared by fog, rogue signals and static. The record nods at times to Leyland Kirby’s work as The Caretaker, Infinity Frequencies’ Computer series and Akira Yamaoka, but ultimately it’s a record about friends, fuzz and family. Merry fucking Christmas.

Talbot Fade - Talbot Fade - 08 - The Chase

yer man shares our love of slightly shonky black and white photography too, his first album came with one per track,  taken in the wee hours in Japan. You can listen to that one here…

Talbot Fade - Talbot Fade - 15 - When The World Was Quiet


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