Stone Dead Forever


As you are no doubt aware by now rock’n’roll caricature legend Lemmy followed Motorhead drummer Phil Taylor up to Valhalla or wherever last week, just after celebrating his 70th birthday and one last Christmas. Anyone who had been keeping up or saw the Glastonbury performance on TV last summer can hardly have been all that surprised – he looked old, and ill, but kept on playing up until two weeks before cancer got him. While I’ve been soaking in Jack Daniels, not my usual choice but a fortuitous xmas gift, Prince Reelfoot, who it’s fair to say has been conflicted over the years about his feelings for Mr Kilminster (particularly in certain outfits), looked up from his pint of sherry and chair by the fireside to point out this very good obituary today in The Observer . He also nodded in the direction of this little marvel from sound wizard Andrew Liles. Last month we kicked off a mix with a little ‘Overkill’ edit in honour of Philthy and here Liles has had that same idea but run with it in extraordinary and wonderful ways, enjoy.

R.I.P. Lemmy.



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