Best of 2015 – short answer

Well, we didn’t really muster any kind of best of 2015 listicle type thing but had we done so topping it would, unanimously, be Hey Colossus. Both records. They bestrode 2015 like a… well, like a Colossus I suppose, each new record better than the last and increasingly even more fierce and focussed live. Readers of this blog will probably be unsurprised by the news but frankly they rocked our socks off last year and will no doubt continue to do so in 2016. Expecting another two albums of such high quality out of them might be pushing it but they’re kicking off this year with another visit to europe in support of the still quite recently released ‘Radio Static High’. Unbelievers can check out both albums here, the curious ‘Snapping Undone’ video at the top, and a version of ‘Black and Gold’ from a previous jaunt to the low countries below. As the noise/psych/kraut/doom/whatever scene they’ve long been part of continues to bloat with lesser bands they’ve decisively stepped out ahead with a sharper, smarter, more original sound than any of them. We can’t applaud them loudly enough.



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