lost property

2015-03-16 18.29.47

before we move bleary eyed into whatever horrors and joys 2016 might bring, here’s a bunch of curious stuff we found abandoned in the lockers, not quite a monthly show it turns out, a somewhat rag tag and incomplete collection of sound should you care to investigate or reminisce. You can click the titles for a download if you want. Ideal running soundtrack! (maybe). Except for a couple which I couldn’t track down (I’ll ask Prince Reelfoot about it) and a tracklist should be contained therein and on the streams for your information. ‘October Language’ is up as a download for the first time, quite a good one that. Doesn’t have a tracklisting though so you’ll have to look at the original post or mixcloud or something.

there may or may not be a January mix shortly, and further wittering or maybe not. The future, as they say, is uncertain. chin chin.

carrier bag of lager in the car park after dark


hymns of memory


there’s no one new around you


indoor summer

1947+elephant_skeletal copy


slow chocolate autopsy

sausage dog

october language




brutal bus stop playground



two heads better


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