Australians with Bagpipes

So, it might not have escaped your notice that the 40th anniversary of the shooting of this clip of AC/DC playing on the back of a truck was this week. As a result I’ve had it, and the bagpipe part,(and ‘High Voltage’ for that matter) going round my brain all week. No hardship to be honest, I tend not to listen to that album much, I find it a bit patchy. The best tunes do point to how unstoppably great they’re going to be for the next 5 or 6 albums though. The bagpipes are an odd touch of genius aren’t they? Works perfectly but totally shouldn’t.

The idea that Warren Ellis and fellow aussies The Dirty three didn’t grow up listening to this song is clearly nonsense but I’d never before connected it with their own bagpipe wielding efforts on ‘Cinder’. Here, if you’re not familiar, is ‘Doris’ off that album which again makes the inclusion of the pipes seem entirely appropriate in the context of experimental instrumental rock music. Perhaps it’s an under explored avenue?



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