Dance & Mood Music 1981 – 83


More mysterious Italian electronica from the early eighties wiped down, re-examined and re-packaged. The similarities with yesterday’s post about The Tapes are numerous but largely circumstantial and as I ended that post vaguely bemoaning the focus on music’s mechanical creation over whether or not it was any good we’ll start with what it sounds like shall we? This is altogether more familiar territory I would say, 80’s synth soundtrack stuff of the sort Italian kids of the 80’s must have been fed on their pasta. Fabio Frizzi type of deal, it’s a less horror focussed version of the sort of sounds newer guys like Umberto and Zombi use. If you like that kind of thing you’ll enjoy this but there’s no icy dread or tingling crescendos where you expect a scream dubbed over it, it’s brighter than that. Cheap and cheerful but honestly pretty damn good with it I must say. It’s not going to shake the world up, definitely an enthusiast’s concern. Next to nothing is known about Leproto or what the recordings are, this collection is whittled down from a pile of old reel to reel tapes found on a car boot sale by concrete tapes impresario, retro gear and bargain enthusiast Joe Maclaren. Concrete tapes is a tiny young tape label growing out of a live electronic music night of the same name in Preston, you can read more about this over at their blog




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