Mollusk Dance, 1984

mollusk dance

Well who doesn’t want to dance like a mollusk? Today’s slice of obscure italian electronics comes from 1984 and, as the title ‘Imaginary Choreography’ might suggest, was apparently recorded for use in contemporary dance schools. The sound here is light and airy, rhythmic and repetitive. It’s sort of a low budget tangerine dream tinted minimalism. From a practical point of view they establish a mood for the dancers and stick with it gently shifting emphasis around the few musical elements in play and as a result they don’t really go anywhere. Even the lengthy ‘Migration’ is more in the manner of a gentle stroll through a sun dappled wood than the hideous white knuckle nightmare of the mediterranean in 2016. They certainly aren’t burdened with much in the way of drama but they make pleasant background listening for sure. It’s all a long way from being electronic dance music in the sense we’d come to understand that phrase, even in the sense of Italo disco or house, this stuff is much more for expressing your inner mollusk/tree/emotional conflict through movement and so on. As with yesterday’s selection it’s no lost masterpiece or anything but it is  pretty lovely all the same. The final track, with the most enjoyable title, is by far the most abstract and crazy of the bunch, a little bit like Paddy Steer making an ambient record.  This was unearthed last year by parisian label Antinote and their bandcamp page has a lot more intriguing looking things for us all to investigate as well…







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