Gazelle Twin – Out Of Body


As Father Ted fronted Jazz Punk Colossi NOMEANSNO once pithily noted “When you get a body, you get some nice things, but you get some things that aren’t so nice at all, no!” It might be a little reductive to claim this is the ugly pulsing heart of what Gazelle Twin is up to but it wouldn’t be too far wrong either. In case that somehow eluded your notice on UNFLESH this latest release makes things ever more explicit. ‘Out Of Body’ is a soundtrack collaboration with artist/filmmaker Carla Mackinnon from a year ago and is an extension of UNFLESH’s concerns. It starts with a quiet minutes worth of heartbeat, like the blood in your ears, settling you down before the queasy drone seeps in. After a while Bernholz dispassionately, yet somehow intimately, intones a kind of poetic science lesson about the movement of the blood in your body. It’s like a nightmare about a creepy education film you had to watch in biology, she sounds a bit like Hal 9000, I half expect her to call me Dave. The music builds behind her into an appropriately squelchy rhythm invoking your internal workings. That sense of the body as a fascinating meat machine in which we’re trapped, alienated yet inseperable soaks the whole record. The second track ‘Puberty’ works in a similar way, this time the voice is pitched up and glitched into an uncertain teen warble but meets head on the unspoken body horror of those changes that formed the backbone of UNFLESH. By comparison this is a largely beatless and more abstract suite of music exploring the soundworld of that record but free of song structure, there’s a lot of looping wordless vocals and a chance to linger over those wonderful, unique tones and textures. ‘Phobia’ is split in two discreet halves the first a kind of internal monologue of rising panic followed by a warm and calming aftermath, ‘Cutting into Flesh’ is an extended prelude to ‘Anti Body’ which closes things out. This isn’t a new Gazelle Twin album proper then, ‘Anti Body’ first came out almost two years ago, but there’s a lot to love about this while we wonder about what she’ll do next. It may or may not involve a blue hoodie and stocking mask next time but I’m certain it’ll be worth paying attention.

Gazelle Twin





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