the music from the balconies nearby…


Here’s a mix then. Kicks off with some Moondog. That number Kogumaza rounded out their tape with the other day. then there’s allsorts of other business, mostly the drear and grey grinding noise we like. A swathe of queasy industrial hum, the clanking and whirring of machines accompanied by heavy bass at times, the odd bright spell, also some sporadic bursts of thumping techno. drifting away later on.

Moondog, Carter Tutti Void/CTI, M.E.S.H, The Tapes, The Body, Gate, Not Waving, Xosar, In The Mouth Of The Wolf, Ekoplekz, Kerridge, Laurel Halo, container, Tim Hecker and so on

happy easter

Hickey Kozik


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